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“Girl, why aren’t you married yet?”


Have you ever been asked that question? Iantha certainly has, and she's been asked almost too many times to count. But surely, like her, you have your reasons, and without a doubt, those reasons—every last one of them—have life lessons tied to them. From her first real relationship in high school, to her last situationship as an adult, Iantha gathered reasons why she and none of those men were fit for the long haul. She found every reason to be a lesson learned that would prepare her for her one-day husband, and she shares those lessons with you.


In He Wasn't It Either: A Single Woman's Memoir of Lessons Learned, Iantha tells her story, detailing every relationship, and then presents a series of in-depth conversations about the lessons God taught her along the way.

He Wasn't It Either Paperback

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