“Students do whatever teachers allow them to do, but what students want to do is what teachers expect of them."

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                                     served in the Richmond County School System in Augusta, GA for 15 years, being repeatedly named a highly qualified middle grades ELA teacher. 

Not only was Ms. Ussin instrumental in raising academic achievement for over 2,000 students, but she consistently fostered a well-managed, fun, safe and orderly environment that was conducive for learning for all students. 

It’s her mission, now, to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and EQUIP other teachers with the same classroom management practices and skills she successfully employed in her own classroom, year after year. 

Iantha Ussin


“I can count, on one hand, the number of discipline referrals I wrote in my15-year tenure as a classroom teacher. There were some incidents that were mandated by administration to be “automatic write ups”—fights, possession of weapons, etc.—but beyond those, I can count my referrals on one hand.” 


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As her supervising principal, I saw Ms. Ussin demonstrate, daily, the importance of developing and building individual relationships with the students and their parents. I was so impressed that I implemented part of her classroom management techniques into the school-wide management plan. Her above average performance was a major factor in our school being removed from the state’s failing list. 

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– Dr. Wayne Frazier, Board Member

Richmond County Board of Education, Augusta, GA 


As Ms. Ussin’s student teacher, I learned that with classroom management, it starts the first day. The teacher lays the groundwork: the rules, procedures, routines, and overall expectations. Students practice these until they meet the expectations for the class. When students learn the expectations, they will begin policing themselves. The rules, routines, and procedures become so second hand that even when there’s a substitute, the students know exactly what is expected of them and behave accordingly. 

Ms. Catherine Albo, ELL Specialist

Federal Way School System, Federal Way, WA

Ms. Ussin is an amazing teacher. When I was her principal, she displayed all of the characteristics of a passionate model teacher. She was a subject matter expert and was exceptional at building relationships with her students and families. She was patient and empathetic and was always willing to adapt to situations that supported her students. She believed in her students above everything and ensured support to the whole child.


Ms. Ussin was a school leader and a great coach/mentor for struggling teachers. Using strategies for relationship building and classroom management seemed natural for her. The relationships that she built with students helped her to facilitate a classroom where students felt valued, safe, and respected  and this all led to an extremely positive learning environment. She cared about her students and they cared about her. All of these things led to a well-managed learning environment. Over the years, I have continued to be proud of her work and her dedication to making classrooms and schools better! 


Dr. LaMonica Hillman, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

Richmond County Board of Education, Augusta, GA 

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Offering Expertise In… 

● Classroom Management 

● P.O.W.E.R. Teaching 

● Differentiated Instruction 

● Language Arts Instruction

● Teacher-Student Relationship Building